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Skull Jewelry

The jewelry industry is the most vulnerable; a concept runs through and the jewelry either becomes a hit else losses its identity. As the fashion trend changes it regulates changes in different industries too, jewelries, accessories, shoes the concept changes for all.

For today’s post elaborates on skull jewelry, which is a favorite and a prominent jewelry

The concept of wearing skull either on clothing or on jewelry is old, people use to sport such clothing and accessories long back, but the past years have seen a sudden inspiration and indulgence into skull themed jewelry. This jewelry symbolizes an event of things which have been masked; the popularity of the jewelry has made the industry to consider it an important element to experiment.

The skulls pendants, skull rings, earring, necklaces or feet jewelry, nothing is left from being tried; this pattern is vivid and an extraordinary vogue to sport. Gemco Designs serves to the interest of people and with the current flow of the jewelry pattern; a number of designs are being crafted. Here you can surf through the collection

Skull jewelry is crafted keeping in mind the edgy persona you carry, hence crafted on either sterling silver or 18k gold this skull is edged with lots of diamonds to add more charm. The skull is carved out on the metal base and then further adornments are added to it.

Earrings, be it hoops, studs or danglers the earring is shaped with different pattern, skull matched with bones or the serpent either of them is a favorite among people. The designers experiment with the orientation of the motifs and play with the colors of diamonds. Matching different colors of diamonds or gemstones with design increases the glamour of the jewelry.

In the same pattern the rings, pendants and the rest of jewelry is crafted with passion, the different orientation of the skull with different designs make it a perfect pick. The skull is carved out on precious mammoth stones and further jeweled with gemstones. Skulls are beautifully entwined with different metals and macramé bands that create some exceptional jewelry pieces. Skeleton earrings, skull with distinctive patterns are crafted.

So, collect your favorite skull jewelry today!




Themed diamond Pendants

Designer pendant especially the ones adorned with sparkling diamonds and classic black silver finish have been positioned a very special place in creation of jewelry designs and trend setters. Wild creature and modern art aesthetics are progressively ruling out other themes and contemporary designs, as nothing else substitutes for bold and fierce accessories. The over sized and solitary pendants can be gracefully paired up with variety of material options like metal chains, leather cords or scarves that not only adorns the neck surface but also shimmers the entire dress and persona.

Designer Pendant

Variants of skulls, dragons, owls, eagle, snakes and other wild being designs capture the aesthetic of major designer jewelry creations, as it reflects vibrant beauty and purity within the most escaped and deadly brute. These designs are also experimented with different textures of gold or silver and contrast of vivid gemstones that enhance the fascination and allurement for this class of jewelry.

This distinct range of diamond pendants acquires a vital place as basic high-end accessory of party and casual wears. The designer antique pendant compositions can be freely paired up with lighter to brighter color tones of your dress and configures you as passionately fashionable chic.