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A Spotlight On Fusion Jewelry

Fusion Jewelry

We broke the rules of classic jewelry and infused a brand new appeal. The fusion creation is all about coupling ethnic and contemporary components and patterns. This unique assortment endeavors to pair modern technology and traditional motifs. India was long ruled by Mughal Dynasty; a reign famous for its art, culture, poetry and not to forget, its rich taste in jewelry. Since the world has become a fusion in itself; a blend of language, customs, ideas, so why not amalgamate western know-how with ethnic beauty.

The ancient ornaments of Maharajas and Maharanis were truly an example of extraordinary craftsmanship and dedication. They stressed on statement pieces decked with opulent diamonds, rose cut beads, sapphires, pearls, and emeralds. Neha Lulla, a label in jewelry world, made her debut in International Jewelry Week, 2012 by her spectacular Tara Jauhar Collection, which is a mélange of indigenous and latest designs. Her couture jewelry creations spelled beauty and royalty in every bit. What sets apart this collection is the maximum use of gold that is utterly vibrant metal.

Interlaced with pure gold, our Fusion collection is not restricted to any style as such. A true portrait of Indian culture and heritage, we have bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklace and rings in fusion jewelry. Furnished with modern round cut diamonds, we have stylish motifs of peacock, flowers, leaf, hamsa, etc. Enough said about the beauty, let’s roll the eyes on some of the most demanded fusion pieces throughout the world.

Fusion Chandelier EarringsThis gorgeous pair of chandeliers is inspired from Mughal Harem. Numerous rings of gold and diamonds are falling like a nautical star.

Fusion Gold Diamond BangleYellow represents warmth in winters. This fusion bangle has earned devotees of women; especially the ones who love to wear jewelry that reflects their individuality.
This year, go a little out of the leak and make a memorable addition to your jewelry box.


Our Pick For Christmas: Angel Wing Jewelry

Angel Wing Diamond Jewelry

In every heart, an angel awaits. We all need a patron to share the load we are bearing and also to be showered with love, kindness, and care. This Christmas we pick angel diamond jewelry as the best piece to adorn because we all desire some extra spiritual assistance and guidance. After all, Christmas is to exhibit the flame of joy, peace, and extravaganza charm.

Angels are perhaps the messengers of god who serve the human beings on earth and carry out the tasks assigned by god. They have been rescuing people from perilous situations since ages. They watch over the people and fulfill their good thoughts and desires. Whenever you feel grim and deserted, these mediators of god pull you out from grief. Invite them, pray from all your heart, and you will certainly feel their presence. Similarly, winged accessories give a feeling of solace and warmth to the wearer.

Since history, angel wings have been donned as a token of stability and affection. However, their meaning varies according to the purpose of wearing. You could don an angel wing diamond pendant festooned with pave diamonds to show your belief and divinity towards Jesus. If there is someone who has always stood by your side, angel wing macramé bracelet could be a striking gift symbolic of your respect and gratitude. For the pretty ladies out there who make your heart flutter, a winged heart necklace is perfect to propose. Guardian angel jewelry crafted in sterling silver and embellished with ruby gemstones is enough to brighten up your Christmas.

You don’t require light to look angelic. If you wish to pump up your personality, try these lovely angel wing pieces and feel good about yourself.

5 Must Have Jewelry Items For Halloween

A good Halloween costume is incomplete without an ideal Halloween accessory. To multiply the spookiness of your outfit and give yourself a trendy yet frightening look, specific jewelry symbolizing the spirit of Halloween theme must be adorned. These fun accessories come in all range and types ranging from skull, bats and snakes to designer brooms and skeletons. When ghosts and goblins come out of their graves, you must be prepared with the best pieces to imitate them in a classic way:

If you are not too scared, check out these jewelry items that are a must for a Halloween night full of mystery: –

Designer Charm Pendants
The skull and bat pendants carrying a spine-chilling look can be the best way to stylize with any gothic or witch costume. Embellished with pave diamonds, these charm pendants will impart you a scary look instantly. Available in hues of diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites, they compliment any ensemble.

Charm PendantDiamond Spider Ring
Cast a spell with a spider of your own! Halloween jewelry cannot get much better than this daunting spider ring that carries a terrific grace in itself. Since spiders are a symbol of mystery, power and growth, this ring could be sported even after Halloween. The gleaming diamonds, further add a touch of sparkle!

Spider Ring

 Macramé Owl Necklace
Not all owls are frightening and creepy as this owl necklace proves! An owl shaped neck piece entwined in soft macramé thread, and lustrous silver can not only give you protection against the evil spirits but also glam your rocker looks for the Halloween theme. 

Macrame Owl Necklace

 Skeleton Earrings
Give yourself a spooky touch with these haunted earrings. These scary baubles graced with unique setting of pave diamonds would be a great stand alone with your fearsome costume. The whimsical skeleton will surely spell that magical charm around you. BOO… Too much of bones!!

Skeleton Earrings

Serpent Bangle
If you are a fan of horror-stuck animals and would love to wear them around your wrist, this snaky bangle is made just for you. Since snakes are the most frightening of all fauna, this stylish bangle topped with diamonds will spice up your dress this year.

Serpent Bangle

 Now, you have a healthy dose of all the creepy jewelry pieces that can be paired with your attire. So this Halloween, buy one and wear something different.


Behind the Scenes

Jewelry takes mind off your wrinkles! Well what do you think is it true?

Jewelry is an assortment of tiny glories bundled together to give you an appealing look. Sporting new jewelry is delightful and so is to know how it is made, isn’t it?

Here you will get to know what all procedures and tests your little gem goes through to get that sheen and shine.

The foremost step, Designing where all the technicalities are sorted, creation and crafting of the ornament is chalked. The designers and craftsmen cater a thorough knowledge of gems, fabrication, and market fashion and hence with these leads they project their creativity and ideas on paper.  After a competitive and surreal work they prepare some extra ordinary designs, which after getting finalized are mocked into technical drawings.

CPS_3918 copy

These technical drawings elaborate on the details and description of the jewelry to be created. Be it the matching of stones, choosing of metal or balancing contrast of stones each and every step is catered with passion and precision.

 The size gradient is estimated and after all the work is put up on a paper this technical sheet is forwarded for manufacturing.


CPS_3909 copy

After the designs and technicalities next thing which follows is making a permanent mold. Carving on a hard sponge is carried out and then this mold is filled with liquid wax via wax injector. After the cooling of wax the mold is taken out and is taken for metal cast.

Metal skeleton is crafted and then it starts its journey of drilling, filling, setting, steaming, heating and polishing.


CPS_3952 copy    This procedure involves making of holes and the needed gaps and spaces for gems tones and stones. A huge chest of instruments sits in the drawer of a worker which eases his work. A skilled craftsman is aware of the dimensions and measurements hence; a flawless drilling of holes takes place, for pave settings, laser cutting and drilling takes place which makes the setting precise and unmistakable.

The arrangement of gemstones is the next task and with a very skilled and refine movement the craftsmen put the stones in the metal cast.

CPS_3945 copy

Setting diamonds in the jewelry piece is the next task, very cautiously diamonds and other precious gemstones are colonized in the holes.

Until here a coarse metal and gemstone studded jewelry is made which needs final polishing to set off.

CPS_3969 copy

Steam cleanses the jewelry softly and then polishing adds the desired shine and glow to the jewelry product. The jewelry is now forwarded for quality tests, where its quality and durability is screened.

This is how a rock glistens into a shiny diamond, and in this way a design on paper is transposed into a glorious piece of jewelry.