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8 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Christmas

Jingle all the way! With the onset of Christmas, world’s most awaited season, everyone hymns jingles and smiles along. Whether it’s waiting for the Santa or leaving the stockings out of the window, we have indulged in the little joyful traditions since a week. While lighting up your Xmas tree, have you ever wondered about the deeper side of this festival?

Here are some unknown facts about Christmas that you must read and proudly share on that special feast.

1. Several dates were proposed for Christmas: January 2, March 21, March 25, April 18 and November 20 but December 25 was finalized by the Western Christians majority.

Christmas calendar

2. Santa Claus is known by different names across the globe: Le Befana in Italy, Pere Noel in Belgium, Jultomten (Christmas Brownie) in Sweden, and Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) in Russia.

Santa Claus

3. Many Astronomers think that the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the wise men to Lord Jesus, was probably a comet or the planet Uranus.

Star of Bethlehem

4. When Gemini 6 astronauts- Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra sang ‘Jingle Bells’ in 1965, it became the first song to be broadcasted from space.

Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra

5. The tradition of kissing under Mistletoe hails from England. People were required to pluck a berry from the sprig of Mistletoe before kissing but when all the berries are gone, there could be no more kissing.

Mistletoe Kiss

6. In the Czech Republic, people enjoy the cuisines of fish, egg and soup. Also, the number of people at dining table should be even, or the one without a companion might die next year.

Czech Republic

7. There are 13 Santa in Iceland, and each leaves a present for the kids. They come down from the hill one after the other, starting from December12 and have names like Door Sniffer, Spoon Licker and Meat Hook.

13 Santas of Iceland

8. Norway gifts a Christmas tree to England every year as a symbol of thanks for their support during World War II.

Norwegian Christmas Tree

After reading such interesting facts, we’re pretty sure you are even more excited for Christmas.


Indian Cinema And Jewelry

For Indians, there’s God, then film stars, and then cricketers.

Indian Cinema, especially Bollywood, is a cluster of imagination, thrill, love and emotions. A perfect synonym of Indian vibrancy and culture, it sets the heart to dance and joy. With a number of film makers working day and night to deliver the best screen experience, these incredible films control our dressing sense, eating habits, dialogues, and way of accessorizing. Let’s see how jewelry styles go hand in hand with Bollywood:-

The Charm Of Royal Jewelry From Silent Era

Suraiya Jamaal and Waheeda Rehman

Suraiya Jamaal and Waheeda Rehman

Raja Harishchandra was the first silent movie made in 1913 by Dada Saheb Phalke. The release of this motion picture witnessed a flood of directors joining the league of film making. In 1931, Alam Ara, the first sound movie, enabled the actors to speak, cry, sing or even shout. Large diamond neckpieces, headpieces, and chandeliers coupled with colorful gemstones ruled this era because a majority of movies were based on mythology and royal traditions.

The Melodrama Of Golden Ornaments From 1960s – 1990s

Madhubala- Mughal-e-Azam and Madhuri Dixit- Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

Madhubala- Mughal-e-Azam and Madhuri Dixit- Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

This phase saw a paradigm shift from classic movies like Mother India and Mughal-E-Azam with grand sets and big budget to total entertainers like Sholay and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Not to forget, the first Superstar, Rajesh Khanna belonged to this glorious era. Heavy slave bracelets and maang-tika, encrusted in pure gold and Kundan-Meena, were on the priority of designers in this period of Dream girl.

Avant Garde Movies: The Classic Saga Of Simple But Subtle Jewelry

Pareneeti Chopra- Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

Pareneeti Chopra- Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

This stage subdued the demand of young generation with thrill, comedy, horror, drama, and action. It saw huge transformation in production, equipments, shooting locations and genre of music. Blockbuster films like 3 Idiots, Rock On and Krrish presented a new avatar of Bollywood. With minimal accessorizing, celebs prefer to wear small pendants, studs or macramé bracelets which look subtle yet stylish.

With the increase in glamour, cars, stunts and cast in every film, India Cinema has reckoned its name globally by going grand like never before. So this time when you step into a designer jewelry store, demand the latest celeb inspired piece and become a style diva.

Interesting Historical Facts About Halloween

Halloween- A festival of candies, costumes, pumpkins, haunted houses, bonfires, trick or treat games, ghosts, fairies and lot more. But very few people know that where did Halloween come from? Why do we celebrate it? Let’s brush up our basic facts a bit.

Halloween is the name for ‘All Hallows Eve’ celebrated every year on the night of October 31. The history of this fun frolic occasion dates back to 1600 A.D. when a Celtic festival, Samhain, was celebrated in UK, Ireland and France to mark the end of the harvest season. The pagans took the stock of crop supplies and prepared them for winter. It was believed that on the midnight of October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead blurred, and thus the ghost of the deceased came back on earth to create havoc and destruction.

Celtic FestivalTrick-or-Treat
Trick-or-Treat was a tradition in ancient times when people kept bowls of food outside their boundary walls. They believed that food items would keep the wandering spirits on earth from entering their homes. It was often referred to as Beggars night. Even today, children visit every house in their neighborhood and ask for treat (cakes, pastries, candies). The trick, usually, refers to a mischief if treat is denied.

Trick or TreatMasks and Costumes
For the origins of costumes, it is said that October was a cold month for European and Celtic people. Thus, before stepping out, they donned masks and dark costumes to imitate scary beings and make sure that monsters don’t recognize them.

The Jack-o-Lanterns have their tale back thousands of years when a boy named Jack fooled a devil and then freed him away with a promise that devil would not disturb him for next ten years. When Jack died, he was denied the entry to heaven, and the devil sent Jack to find his hell with a coal to light up his way. Jack kept that burning coal in a turnip (a carved pumpkin) and began wandering on the earth. Since then, Jack of the lantern or Jack-o’-Lantern has been a popular character of Halloween.

With the passage of time, this occasion became popular in other nations and much of its spookiness was replaced with a sense of amusement and recreation. Today, it is joyfully celebrated in the western parts of the globe covering Japan, Ireland, Austria, China, Germany, Canada and Latin America.

Emerging Trends in Jewelry Industry

Jewelry designing is no more restricted to pre-defined patterns and common tastes of a specific class. The imaginative world of designers today expands beyond all boundaries where any stream right from art, religion, technology to architecture can become their source of inspiration. Trends in jewelry industry are the new paths that give a new shape to fashion by either pushing boundaries or forcing them to restrict themselves to some defined lines. As per gems and jewelry experts, there are three forces that are driving all trends in jewelry industry at the moment. Let’s have a closer look at them:

Sentiment – They say that significance of a jewel is defined by its magnificence, vogue, and price. But the designers today believe in a completely different concept where capturing a sentiment or moment seems more important than anything else. If your jewelry piece defines that mood, an individual’s persona, or fits in that story, your jewelry holds maximum worth in the market. The generation today is more inclined towards exclusivity and style than other factors. Movies and dramas have also been playing their role in relating sentiments with specific type of jewelry be it a periodic movie like “The Great Gatsby” or a modern one like “Grace of Monaco”. The evolution of jewelry designs today celebrates inspiration and creativity where new technologies such as invisible settings, tension settings, gemstone mixtures in pave settings, etc. are playing a great role.

Ear Cuff Sketch

Simple Defines The Best – Call it ethnic influence, economical constraints, or individualism, heavy designs have become a thing of past. A simple jewelry piece with minimum design defines elegance and class in the best way which is a preferred combination among maximum buyers. A simple pendant wrapped in a twine will make a much deeper influence than any other intricate design. Consider it the influence of rapid globalization or rapidly changing world but ‘the lesser the better’ has become motto of the day.

Individualism – Self-expression is the basic force that is driving all trends and vogues these days. ‘Let’s have what everyone is having’ is a past expression; every individual today wishes to go for that exquisite element which helps relating to his/her inner self. The complexities of life are no more limited to acquisition of pricey things but are considered on the basis of how well they relate to the wearer’s persona and values.

Apart from buyers’ perception, another movement that is bringing a steep change in jewelry industry is the rapidly decreasing size of the world. Trends now cannot be subjected to one place, continent, or specific time period, what is valuable today might not be there after a month or may stay in light for years, similarly what is contemporary in Australia might become a reality in China while America might start following European jewelry trends. The results of this mixture are far reaching that will be realized only with the passage of time.

Why Is It Necessary To Care for your Gems?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gemstones are among the hardest and most durable substances on this planet. But that doesn’t mean they should be left in cold. Some care and attention can cherish them for a lifetime and allow you to pass them to the future generations as a loved possession.

Let’s face the truth, we all are too lazy to clean up things and nothing could have made us happier if the gems could maintain their shine and luster on their own. But let’s wake up and face the reality – we need to clean our lovely gemstones or jewelry items quite more than often. There are specific kinds of exposures that they need to be protected from like our young ones.

Now the obvious question is how we can keep the gems studded in our accessories clean and what should be the idea behind that. It’s pretty simple. For most of the normal crystalline gemstones, all you need to do is just dip a cloth in a gentle soap solution and slowly and carefully wipe the surface of the gem etched in the jewelry (gold , silver or any other kind of metal in jewelry item also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis). A soft toothbrush can be of great use in case you want to clean the dirt behind the stone, it is to be noted that the rear side of gems generally attracts more dirt due to its formation.

In case you notice formation of films on any of your ruby, diamond or emerald jewelry it can always be cleaned with a touch of ammonia in water. The process would definitely help in imparting new glow to the jewels. But be careful about opaque gemstones such as turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli, etc as they are porous and may absorb harmful chemicals which might result into discoloration.

So, the best and most feasible way to clean all kind of gems is to wipe them clean with a damp cloth. Same rule applies to opals as well. Apart from that, never expose them to extreme light or heat as they may absorb water in them and damage their subdued charm. Even organic gems like corals and pearls should be cleaned in the same fashion. Successful accomplishment of these tasks will definitely help in keeping these little stars scintillating forever adding desired sparkle to your persona whenever you adorn them.

Mother’s Day: cherish the moment with stunning and captivating jewelry gift

Do you want to surprise your mom on this mother’s day? If yes, then remember that Mother’s day is on Sunday 11 May. If you want to appreciate all of those things that she has done for you throughout your life, from bringing you onto this world to looking after for such a long time, here are some suggestion or gift idea to please her with a blink of surprise.

Mother’s day is the day when you can show your love towards your mom and make her feel that how important she is in your life. All you have to do is to just pick the right gift for her. If you are planning for some imported chocolate or beautiful flowers then stop, and think once again. Why not are you trying something different this year as some diamond jewelry!!

Diamond jewelry is a gift that every woman loves. Whenever she will wear that piece of jewelry whether on a special occasion or in her office, she is gonna remember you with lots love.

Diamond Gemstone Bangle

These are the gorgeous looking bangle that can add some extra sparkle to your mom’s persona.

Gemstone Diamond Bangles


Precious Gemstone Pendants

Pendants are the gift that your mother will keep close to her heart. Grab some elegant piece of pendant to live near your mom’s heart. Initials pendants or love pendants are the most common one. You can try something designer and exclusive too.

Diamond Gemstones Rings

If you are planning for a gemstones ring to gift your mother then be sure that there is nothing better than this. The captivating beauty of such rings is marvelous and surely she is going to love this.


It’s hard to select a gift for mother’s day to make your mom feel truly special, but still with any of the above jewelry, you can make her feel like queen for that special day. Best wishes for a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY from everyone at gemcodesigns.com

Amethyst Jewelry: Get indulge in Pantone color of 2014

Before we buckle up for the New year resolutions and exploring the fresh style statements the happening news came in by Pantone color that Radiant Orchid happens to be the color of 2014. With this, the designers and brands got really busy in experimenting with this super exciting shade. Smart jeweler knows the bright secret!! Adding up the Amethyst of different cut and color intensities brought a new life to the promising Pantone themed diamond jewelry.

For the magical monochrome effect, the oversized pieces of dark Amethyst are layered with sparkling white and back diamonds that are composed into bold cuff or dazzling earrings. The vivid and intoxicating gemstone is placed together with precise bezels or tiny prongs to let the cuts speak out the uncountable expressions.

Cushion cut and emerald cut Amethyst are perfect fit for one of kind cocktail ring or broad arm candies wherein the carbonations or round beads of Amethyst can easily be composed into tassels or diamond necklaces. This purple variant of quartz is blessed with ability of contrasting well with exotic metals like silver or gold. More interestingly combination of Amethyst goes well with other precious gemstones emerald, geode, Cameo or sapphires, though the color combination and the theme of composition is all that brings life to the jewelry piece.

The gemstone has all the energy and spark for the upcoming year trend list, be it single-tone or layered with precious shades the radiant orchid is all set for next fashion twist.