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5 Must Have Jewelry Items For Halloween

A good Halloween costume is incomplete without an ideal Halloween accessory. To multiply the spookiness of your outfit and give yourself a trendy yet frightening look, specific jewelry symbolizing the spirit of Halloween theme must be adorned. These fun accessories come in all range and types ranging from skull, bats and snakes to designer brooms and skeletons. When ghosts and goblins come out of their graves, you must be prepared with the best pieces to imitate them in a classic way:

If you are not too scared, check out these jewelry items that are a must for a Halloween night full of mystery: –

Designer Charm Pendants
The skull and bat pendants carrying a spine-chilling look can be the best way to stylize with any gothic or witch costume. Embellished with pave diamonds, these charm pendants will impart you a scary look instantly. Available in hues of diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites, they compliment any ensemble.

Charm PendantDiamond Spider Ring
Cast a spell with a spider of your own! Halloween jewelry cannot get much better than this daunting spider ring that carries a terrific grace in itself. Since spiders are a symbol of mystery, power and growth, this ring could be sported even after Halloween. The gleaming diamonds, further add a touch of sparkle!

Spider Ring

 Macramé Owl Necklace
Not all owls are frightening and creepy as this owl necklace proves! An owl shaped neck piece entwined in soft macramé thread, and lustrous silver can not only give you protection against the evil spirits but also glam your rocker looks for the Halloween theme. 

Macrame Owl Necklace

 Skeleton Earrings
Give yourself a spooky touch with these haunted earrings. These scary baubles graced with unique setting of pave diamonds would be a great stand alone with your fearsome costume. The whimsical skeleton will surely spell that magical charm around you. BOO… Too much of bones!!

Skeleton Earrings

Serpent Bangle
If you are a fan of horror-stuck animals and would love to wear them around your wrist, this snaky bangle is made just for you. Since snakes are the most frightening of all fauna, this stylish bangle topped with diamonds will spice up your dress this year.

Serpent Bangle

 Now, you have a healthy dose of all the creepy jewelry pieces that can be paired with your attire. So this Halloween, buy one and wear something different.



Interesting Historical Facts About Halloween

Halloween- A festival of candies, costumes, pumpkins, haunted houses, bonfires, trick or treat games, ghosts, fairies and lot more. But very few people know that where did Halloween come from? Why do we celebrate it? Let’s brush up our basic facts a bit.

Halloween is the name for ‘All Hallows Eve’ celebrated every year on the night of October 31. The history of this fun frolic occasion dates back to 1600 A.D. when a Celtic festival, Samhain, was celebrated in UK, Ireland and France to mark the end of the harvest season. The pagans took the stock of crop supplies and prepared them for winter. It was believed that on the midnight of October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead blurred, and thus the ghost of the deceased came back on earth to create havoc and destruction.

Celtic FestivalTrick-or-Treat
Trick-or-Treat was a tradition in ancient times when people kept bowls of food outside their boundary walls. They believed that food items would keep the wandering spirits on earth from entering their homes. It was often referred to as Beggars night. Even today, children visit every house in their neighborhood and ask for treat (cakes, pastries, candies). The trick, usually, refers to a mischief if treat is denied.

Trick or TreatMasks and Costumes
For the origins of costumes, it is said that October was a cold month for European and Celtic people. Thus, before stepping out, they donned masks and dark costumes to imitate scary beings and make sure that monsters don’t recognize them.

The Jack-o-Lanterns have their tale back thousands of years when a boy named Jack fooled a devil and then freed him away with a promise that devil would not disturb him for next ten years. When Jack died, he was denied the entry to heaven, and the devil sent Jack to find his hell with a coal to light up his way. Jack kept that burning coal in a turnip (a carved pumpkin) and began wandering on the earth. Since then, Jack of the lantern or Jack-o’-Lantern has been a popular character of Halloween.

With the passage of time, this occasion became popular in other nations and much of its spookiness was replaced with a sense of amusement and recreation. Today, it is joyfully celebrated in the western parts of the globe covering Japan, Ireland, Austria, China, Germany, Canada and Latin America.