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A Spotlight On Fusion Jewelry

Fusion Jewelry

We broke the rules of classic jewelry and infused a brand new appeal. The fusion creation is all about coupling ethnic and contemporary components and patterns. This unique assortment endeavors to pair modern technology and traditional motifs. India was long ruled by Mughal Dynasty; a reign famous for its art, culture, poetry and not to forget, its rich taste in jewelry. Since the world has become a fusion in itself; a blend of language, customs, ideas, so why not amalgamate western know-how with ethnic beauty.

The ancient ornaments of Maharajas and Maharanis were truly an example of extraordinary craftsmanship and dedication. They stressed on statement pieces decked with opulent diamonds, rose cut beads, sapphires, pearls, and emeralds. Neha Lulla, a label in jewelry world, made her debut in International Jewelry Week, 2012 by her spectacular Tara Jauhar Collection, which is a mélange of indigenous and latest designs. Her couture jewelry creations spelled beauty and royalty in every bit. What sets apart this collection is the maximum use of gold that is utterly vibrant metal.

Interlaced with pure gold, our Fusion collection is not restricted to any style as such. A true portrait of Indian culture and heritage, we have bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklace and rings in fusion jewelry. Furnished with modern round cut diamonds, we have stylish motifs of peacock, flowers, leaf, hamsa, etc. Enough said about the beauty, let’s roll the eyes on some of the most demanded fusion pieces throughout the world.

Fusion Chandelier EarringsThis gorgeous pair of chandeliers is inspired from Mughal Harem. Numerous rings of gold and diamonds are falling like a nautical star.

Fusion Gold Diamond BangleYellow represents warmth in winters. This fusion bangle has earned devotees of women; especially the ones who love to wear jewelry that reflects their individuality.
This year, go a little out of the leak and make a memorable addition to your jewelry box.


Indian Cinema And Jewelry

For Indians, there’s God, then film stars, and then cricketers.

Indian Cinema, especially Bollywood, is a cluster of imagination, thrill, love and emotions. A perfect synonym of Indian vibrancy and culture, it sets the heart to dance and joy. With a number of film makers working day and night to deliver the best screen experience, these incredible films control our dressing sense, eating habits, dialogues, and way of accessorizing. Let’s see how jewelry styles go hand in hand with Bollywood:-

The Charm Of Royal Jewelry From Silent Era

Suraiya Jamaal and Waheeda Rehman

Suraiya Jamaal and Waheeda Rehman

Raja Harishchandra was the first silent movie made in 1913 by Dada Saheb Phalke. The release of this motion picture witnessed a flood of directors joining the league of film making. In 1931, Alam Ara, the first sound movie, enabled the actors to speak, cry, sing or even shout. Large diamond neckpieces, headpieces, and chandeliers coupled with colorful gemstones ruled this era because a majority of movies were based on mythology and royal traditions.

The Melodrama Of Golden Ornaments From 1960s – 1990s

Madhubala- Mughal-e-Azam and Madhuri Dixit- Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

Madhubala- Mughal-e-Azam and Madhuri Dixit- Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

This phase saw a paradigm shift from classic movies like Mother India and Mughal-E-Azam with grand sets and big budget to total entertainers like Sholay and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Not to forget, the first Superstar, Rajesh Khanna belonged to this glorious era. Heavy slave bracelets and maang-tika, encrusted in pure gold and Kundan-Meena, were on the priority of designers in this period of Dream girl.

Avant Garde Movies: The Classic Saga Of Simple But Subtle Jewelry

Pareneeti Chopra- Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

Pareneeti Chopra- Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

This stage subdued the demand of young generation with thrill, comedy, horror, drama, and action. It saw huge transformation in production, equipments, shooting locations and genre of music. Blockbuster films like 3 Idiots, Rock On and Krrish presented a new avatar of Bollywood. With minimal accessorizing, celebs prefer to wear small pendants, studs or macramé bracelets which look subtle yet stylish.

With the increase in glamour, cars, stunts and cast in every film, India Cinema has reckoned its name globally by going grand like never before. So this time when you step into a designer jewelry store, demand the latest celeb inspired piece and become a style diva.

Art Deco Jewelry: All about bold shapes and vivid color

The movie “The Great Gatsby’ influences the jewelry trend with great impact. The bygone era’s fashion of Art Deco jewelry bounces back the scenario to attract the jewelry lovers towards its charm.

Art Deco jewelry is all about the geometrical shapes and array of colors to enhance the design of any jewelry. After the end of WWI the Art Deco jewelry have come into existence and mostly exhibited by the socialites who enjoy the parties. In the Art Nouveau period the jewelries were inspired by the natural world as plants, flowers and the human body, however, the Art Deco jewelry was an expression of the mechanic age which symbolizes mostly straight line and symmetry. At that time, jewelry designers started creating bold, dramatic and geometrically pleasing designs.

Art Deco Jewelry

Once again Art Deco jewelry is back in great demand. As a trend setter, all of you must be aware of the fact that the popularity graph for this category is unmatched. The enchanting designs of Art Deco jewelry are loved by socialites and trendsetter, and they are responsible for putting them in vogue once again. Circular, triangular, oval, polygonal and many more geometrical shapes are designed with diamond and real gems like ruby, emerald, sapphire, opal, onyx, etc. to make that edgy piece more colorful which can showcase the architectural shapes in jewelry designing too. They are the perfect trinkets to flaunt the edgy and showy prospect of jewelry.

Get ready to explore the Boho look with some unique design of Art Deco Jewelry. Once again this style is ready with gaudy fashion and lavish jewelry with elegant architectural motifs.

Snake Diamond Jewelry: marks consistence presence with U-turns

Motifs are always the base of any design. Many symbolic motifs are always used in the jewelry designing. Snakes are considered as the most powerful and the oldest motif for jewelry. It has been adorned since the time of Cleopatra.

Cleopatra is famous for her obsession for serpent jewelry as the Egyptian symbolized it for royalty. After Cleopatra, Queen Victoria made it the most talked about jewelry with her engagement. Queen Victoria’s engagement ring consisted of a snake with an emerald eye. Suddenly the entire jewelry world turned towards the serpent jewelry. Every trinket whether it is an earring, ring, bracelet or brooch, all of them were decorated with snake shaped motifs.

Diamond Serpent Earrings

Diamond Serpent Earrings

After Victorian Era, for some time, the serpent jewelry had become out of the style. However, again in 1991, it appears in the fashion stage with the world’s top jewelry designer. They were showcasing their serpent designs in some famous jewelry shows as the revival Egyptian jewelry. Thus, snake jewelry came back with their consistence presence in the jewelry world.

Earlier the snake design was used as the symbol of eternal love or royalty. Nowadays, due to the dual nature of a snake as calm and vibrant too, it is widely accepted as a new idea for jewelry designs. As soon as it was accepted under the wild jewelry category; it started attracting the new generation to make it as statement jewelry for themselves. However, the snake designed rings still got a special place within all the fashionista as an eternity love symbol.

Snake Palm Bracelet

Snake Palm Bracelet

If you are ready to go with any serpent jewelry, as usual, my suggestions for you all are, firstly, if wearing snake shaped jewelry, don’t over indulge with other animal jewelry as feather jewelry or skull jewelry. Secondly, select carefully the right design and the right jewelry for the required perception of your personality as wild or sober look.

For a wild look, go for a snake palm bracelet or a snake pendant. However, you can keep your appearance quite sober with a statement snake ring or nail ring and a snake embedded pave diamond bangle.

Diamond Serpent Ring

Diamond Serpent Ring

We have got a chance to explore the antique and divine quality of snake jewelry with a perfect U-turn from Victorian Era to now. Showcase your flair for fashion with this fantastic designer diamond serpent jewelry as your statement jewelry.

Amethyst Jewelry: Get indulge in Pantone color of 2014

Before we buckle up for the New year resolutions and exploring the fresh style statements the happening news came in by Pantone color that Radiant Orchid happens to be the color of 2014. With this, the designers and brands got really busy in experimenting with this super exciting shade. Smart jeweler knows the bright secret!! Adding up the Amethyst of different cut and color intensities brought a new life to the promising Pantone themed diamond jewelry.

For the magical monochrome effect, the oversized pieces of dark Amethyst are layered with sparkling white and back diamonds that are composed into bold cuff or dazzling earrings. The vivid and intoxicating gemstone is placed together with precise bezels or tiny prongs to let the cuts speak out the uncountable expressions.

Cushion cut and emerald cut Amethyst are perfect fit for one of kind cocktail ring or broad arm candies wherein the carbonations or round beads of Amethyst can easily be composed into tassels or diamond necklaces. This purple variant of quartz is blessed with ability of contrasting well with exotic metals like silver or gold. More interestingly combination of Amethyst goes well with other precious gemstones emerald, geode, Cameo or sapphires, though the color combination and the theme of composition is all that brings life to the jewelry piece.

The gemstone has all the energy and spark for the upcoming year trend list, be it single-tone or layered with precious shades the radiant orchid is all set for next fashion twist.

Diamond Ear cuffs: Most adorable accessory of year 2013

You must have tried much of designer jewelry but have you tried the new trending ear cuff? This flashy accessory is modern and perfect for classy chic. Ear cuff has crashed the usual classic reign and structured the old and new.  At first glance, they seem to be like that the 90s ear jewelry has resurfaced.

Diamond encrusted funky cuffs arrest entire ear or cascades along the natural shape of the ear. Wear the cuff either in left ear only and pair it with pave diamond stud in the right or diamond and colored stone concoction in both.Just in case the sparkling curls over the cartilage appears too dramatic then pick a pair that has got designer cuff along with stud to reduce too much of hassle around your balancing organ for edgy yet elegant look to your face cut.

Designers have given international exposure to them. Fresh cuts and patterns gained the momentum for this rather unique concept in 2013. The designer jewelry collection at Gemco Designs sport trendy sexy pieces jeweled ear cuff in 18k gold and silver. They are bejeweled with other gemstones, such as ruby, blue sapphire, romantic black and blue diamonds. The creations are extended to wild, angel, geometric or traditional inspiration to grab the attention for the wearer.

You can get soaked in fashion choosing to glam-up your ears. Rock the ear cuff in geometric design with gemstones adding lot of bling to it completes the glam look. It is cool diamond jewelry that is not just like another regular earring to don in college fresher party.

You can try a pave diamond serpent cuff wrap around the ear at an evening out.It adds the sparkle to the gloominess of the hour and looks very elegant.

Join the Frenzy cuff club! It’s for everyone who dares to be bold.

Christmas Jewelry: Jingle all the way

Christmas is a day of celebrations, reverence and the day to bring back the childhood memories. All my friends and I get excited even today for the gifts Santa Claus will give us. Our preparations begin from Thanks giving buying decorations for the Christmas tree and buying gifts for the loved ones. If you have no idea about what to gift..don’t think too much! Buy Jewelry, gift jewelry! You can never go wrong with season inspired jewelry gifts.

ImageJewelry stores have geared up for the holiday season. We find a huge collection of tempting Christmas inspired designer jewelry there. Gemco Designs offers gorgeous charm bracelets in 18k gold which is a priced possession for young women. Mesmerizing collection of diamond encrusted charms, like cross, star, snow flake, angel wing and bells chained in lobster clasp should be on your pick list for this holiday season.

Christmas is a festival of colors, light and fun. So what can be better than adding more color and bling-bling to the accessories! Red and green enameling is predominantly seen in all the jewelry. Pave diamond on the trim of red enamel star charm added to earring is something cute and classic.

Women never get exhausted of shopping jewelry.

A designer neck piece with snowflake charm conveys zest of the season.