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Celebrate Valentine with Macrame

valentine macrame jewelry

Are you stuck in finding the best gift for the love day? Well, you have landed at the right place. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re pretty aware of your hassles. But rest assured that nothing says ‘I Love You’ more than a stylish macramé ornament. With classic knots and colorful gemstones, your significant other will look every bit a fashion expert.

The unparalleled quality of macramé is that it is fun, exclusive and has endless possibilities of design. Woven with love and passion, cute macramé assortments are enough to make you turn heads. What emerged as a fancy fringe on shawls, veils and bath towels has now transformed into a unique state-of-the-art jewelry. Swerve the type of cord used and you can come up with distinctive and creative designs. For instance, strings of, hemp, jute, leather, linen, satin, cotton and yarn can be preferred according to the taste and comfort of your partner. Not only this, you can also pick out of a wide range of knotting techniques such as square, plait, symmetry, diagonal, picot and spiral.

Beautifully embellished with diamond charms in heart, love, cupid, feather, couple or key shape, macramé jewelry goes for both males and females. The dazzle of freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones create stunning macramé bracelets, necklace, earrings, anklets, rings and other accessories. A heart motif entwined in black thread ensures that your love message goes unmistakable. Also, if you want to spend a legitimate amount, macramé is a perfect choice. This carefully knotted jewelry will create a lasting impact without even letting you spill pockets.

Make this and every day special for your partner with a unique trinket of macramé art. Remember that flowers, chocolates, and perfumes don’t count as a gift. Hope we helped you in coming up with something original- Good Luck!