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January Gem Garnet- Symbolizes Fidelity, Success & Affections

Garnet Gemstone

Happy Birthday January! For those who were born in this month, garnet is your traditional birthstone. Nowadays everyone from Bollywood to industrialist is taking advantage of precious gemstones. Unlike the historic times when only kings and majesties could enjoy benefits of gemstones, people today can incur them and slash the misfortunes. Around the globe, wearing birthstones has benefitted myriad people.

There has been a great confusion on effect of birthstones. But to summarize, if only actions were enough, everyone, who works for 8-10 hours a day, would be a millionaire. It is both actions and planetary movements that bring positivity. Garnet, an ancient stone, has been used since Bronze Age, especially by Egyptians to ward off the evil. Capricorns (December 22-January 20) can wear garnet as an amulet for protection against poison and other elementary diseases. Romans used this gleaming stone for engraving the portraits of emperors. January babies are conscientious and controlled with a firm practical approach. With Saturn as the ruling planet, they are hard working and productive. They are romantic but are poor at expressing love. Also, their social abilities are not very impressive. However, Garnet, an indication of hope induces passion, strength and energy. For the frequent travelers, a gift of garnet ensures safe travel and speedy return.

A pretty garnet jewel not only looks charming but also lends strength to lungs and spine. Charming bangle or carved garnet ring will mesmerize others with its vibrant hues. Garnet has a vast range of natural colors including green, brown, pink, yellow, orange, and red, etc. It is January birthstone but far from being a winter gem, this brilliant piece is for all four seasons.


Jewelry That Compliments Your Sun Sign

As we step into 2015, a big crowd of people is busy making solemn resolutions for the year ahead. But we are curious about the latest fashion and our horoscopes too. If you wish to coordinate with your mind, body and nature, adorn a jewelry that goes well with your zodiac sign.

Here’s a guide on what jewel fits best with your personality. Do share the positive changes with us.

People carrying this zodiac sign are fervent, enthusiastic and independent. For their daring style, red is their color. Glittering hot red rubies set in sterling silver is completely the accessory that goes with their forte.

Ruby Ring

Diamonds are their favorite as they reflect their sensible and appealing personality. Agate, topaz, amber and other gems with a yellow hue are a must addition to their jewelry box.

Folks carrying this sign love to update their jewelry style according to the latest fashion trends. Jewels made of silver and steel are best suited to them.

Cancers are extremely sentimental and nostalgic. This is why they prefer antique pieces. Moon stones and emeralds bewitched in gold or silver can cheer them instantly.

Sun being the ruler of these people; gold is the perfect pick for them. For these brave souls, anything that is big and bold would do wonders. Garnet, red coral and orange sapphire are their lucky gems.

Dark colored stones such as green jade, green quartz or deep purple are quite promising for Virgos. Jewels crafted in vague silver are their lucky charm.

Green jade earrings

Since balance is their forte, Librans go for pieces with a complete set of necklace and earrings. Their soft inclination towards nature allures them to pick flowery or leafy motifs.

These mysterious souls must wear sensuous gems such as rubies and corals. We highly recommend silver for them.

The ultimate color that sets in rhythm with Sagittarians is blue. Royal sapphire or blue topaz can impart an astonishing look instantly.

Green tourmaline, emerald and black pearls are auspicious for these down-to-earth people. They are introvert, conscious and hence invest in quality designer pieces.

Any mention of blue, Aquarians are in! They must carry something made out of blue such as blue sapphire or turquoise.

Turquoise Cabochon Bangle

Last but not the least comes Pisces. They love the bright shades of water, and hence blue, silver and amethyst gems are a blessing for them.

Top Jewelry Gifts For Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving is not a common holiday like Valentines, Christmas or Good Friday to give gifts, but if you are invited at lunch by your friends, then we are pretty sure you don’t want to show up empty handed.  Along with those yummy fresh cookies, surprise your beloved host with a sparking jewel that can be cherished for years.

From gorgeous and simple bangles to the mesmerizing art of cameos, here is a terrific list of designer handmade jewelry items that are stylish, well-made and affordable.

Diamond Ruby Mash Bangle

Diamond Mash Bangle

Cute and comfortable, this mash bangle has a marvelous adornment of diamond and ruby placed at its heart. Keep it in a colorful jewelry case, tie with a pretty bow and give it to your hostess. Add a thank you hangtag and your gift is ready to leave a lasting impression on everyone’s mind.

Stunning Turquoise Hook Earrings

Turquoise Earrings

Perhaps the most desired and standard gift for a woman are ear trinkets. The rare turquoise gemstones add a contemporary touch. These delightful pieces will swing in rhythm with every movement of her face. Easy to wear, these hook earrings can accentuate earlobes on thanksgiving and many parties to come.

Yellow Gold Hamsa Pendant

Gold Hamsa Pendant

It is believed that hamsa brings prosperity and good fortune to its wearer. If your host is a fan of antique and religious items, this pendant festooned in 18k gold and colorful enamels, is the right pick for you. It would perfectly reflect your warm wishes and concern towards them.

Classic Cameo Ring

Cameo ring

For a host that has everything, a cameo ring with beautiful carvings of doll, cupid, Jesus or flower, is the perfect gift to bring. Decorated with lustrous gemstones, this ring will amaze all your friends. Wrap it with silk flowers, and you are good to go!!

Needless to say, jewelry always gives a personal touch. We hope that this guide will assist you in picking the perfect present for your host this year.

November Birthstone Citrine- A Symbol Of Success

citrine gemstone

Popular as ratnas in ancient India, gemstones are combination of adornment and personal expression. Their myths, legends, folklores, properties and colors make them appealing and desirable. From corals and pearls in the seas to bright pebbles picked from searing mines, we let ourselves be known through beautiful gemstones. The most affordable of all the earth toned gemstones, Citrine, is treasured as a gift from the sun. It bestows an aura of positive radiance on the November born people.

The intense sun sign Scorpio and planet Pluto governs the month of November. November babies are unique, private, high-spirited and carry a dynamic personality. They are less talkative but quite amiable. However, these generous souls often experience drama and despair in the course of their life. Being manipulative and dominant, scorpions have a knack of getting things done their way.

Throughout the civilizations, gemstones have been adorned as amulets to bring exuberance and joy. Often referred to as a success or merchant stone, Citrine has a strong ability to bring wealth and expel negative energy. It stimulates the intuitive power and promotes stamina. Physically, it is said to relieve allergies, indigestion, poor blood circulation and cures life threatening diseases. Its crystal therapy helps to overcome depression, but even if you feel a bit low, citrine jewelry will lift up your mood.

Available in all lemony shades- from yellow to orange brown, citrine can illuminate any jewelry. Due to its excellent transparency and dispersion power, citrine is manifested at the heart of rings, pendants and necklaces. Order one for yourself, and revitalize your soul each day.

A Cheers To Life With All My Heart…

That withered bench in the park was full of dust and chapped leaves. The old tree above it never kept the bench empty. Frowned and agitated, as I sat on it, pleasant memories of past rolled like a slide show. The memoirs of happy childhood, a carefree youth and then responsible parental age were the three major milestones of my journey beyond which I suddenly lost my sense of direction. All of a sudden everything went blurred as I began to grow old. The world kept dragging me down in later years. And now I am too old to take care of my own self.

Old Lady

The helplessness of old age seemed taking a toll over me as I sat there, watching the world move on at its pace. The pitiful eyes of by-passers were enough to ruin my day, each time reminding me of how swiftly I was stepping towards my end. And that day, as I was lost in my deepest thoughts, a little boy came and sat beside me. I was displeased because solitude was all I was looking for.

“Look what I have”, he said joyfully, in his delicate hand, was a beautiful opal ring. The shimmering work of art in that ring was paying tribute to the golden yesteryears. The filigree of diamonds beckoned of a renaissance, a shift from joint village gatherings to materialistic lives. The gleaming opals studded in it were changing color at every angle and those colorful rays reflected by them evoked something inside me; yes it was my heart, calling for an action. After so many years if this ring can look so graceful and behold its charm, why can’t I? If this non living thing can radiate colors in the world, even I can!

Opal Ring

And the ring inspired me to live like there is no tomorrow and to enjoy present to the fullest.

“Isn’t it pretty?” he said and pulled me out of thoughts. “Just what I need”, I said, gently touching his head and blessing him with all my heart. I realized my voice was shivering, and tears ran down my wrinkled cheeks as I appreciated him for meeting me. He gave a heavenly smile and ran off to his friends, unaware of the impact he had on me.

And in all these years, I breathed peacefully and vowed to live every second of life. The roads back to home seemed shorter that day and the passers, Ah! Who cares?

The September Birthstone Sapphire- A symbol of peace and good health

September birthstone- sapphire

From earliest times, gemstones have been valued for their beauty, rarity and spiritual powers. Among all the planetary gemstones, sapphire is the strongest and fastest acting gemstone. Popularly known as Neelam, this stone is ruled by Saturn. For the September babies, the zodiac sign is Virgo and sapphire is the good luck stone. It is transparent, light in color, precious and very candy to the eye.

People born in September are very hard working, intellectual and picky.  They are master in communication and carry the abilities of a good orator. September babies are sophisticated, organized and are often regarded as perfectionists. However, sarcasm and over concerned attitude can become a major cause of their downfall. They are romantic people but are quite choosy in selecting partners and love to keep their feelings secretive.

Wearing the right gemstone would ensure access to special healing or magical powers because specific qualities are assigned to birthstones to empower and protect the wearer. Scientists and astrologers believe that the power and energy of birthstones are potent enough to increase one’s mental abilities & psychic powers. September babies are very prone to headaches and head traumas, but the curative properties of sapphire will easily ward off the disease. It will bring peace, serenity and stability in wearer’s life.

Sapphires are available in a variety of delicate colors of lime green, magenta, orange, brown, cognac, violet and the most common blue shades. Sapphires are far more durable, clear and brilliant than any other gemstone. They speak of dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, purity and wisdom. Sapphires are auspicious to be given as 5th, 23rd and 45th anniversary gifts.

Bring yourself a good fortune with this gemstone. It warms the heart and lifts the spirit. Happy Birthday Virgos!!

Tiaras: princess effect became fashionable again

Head ornaments are back in a big way in the recent jewelry trend. Tiaras are the most opted one between them. Tiara symbolizes the royalty, glamour and above all the beauty of hair jewelry. They are the traditional jewelry that reflects the elegance and simplicity with a touch of contemporary style.

Tiaras are designed as raised in the center and taper at the corners and fully or partially encircle the head. They are encrusted with precious gemstone in silver and gold and beautifully embellished with pave diamonds to add some extra charm to the ornament.

Tiaras are associated with ancient Greece and Rome, where the goldsmiths use to create the tiara for the statues of god and priests, as well as the Olympic champions. For some time, it was lost from the fashion world. Again Napoleon Bonaparte brings it to the limelight and then Queen Victoria given its royal stamp of approval. Today tiara is the choice of every person whether it is a kid or a beauty pageant participant, either a royal member or a Hollywood Diva.

Tiaras are so versatile that they work perfectly with casual as well as special events. At one time it was thought that tiaras are a royal assortment and cannot be fitted with general people, but they were wrong as they are very much in demand nowadays. People want to wear it as statement jewelry. Tiaras are not only worn on the wedding but also they can be worn on any other special occasion. The sparkle and sophistication of tiara have made it a popular jewelry for jewelry lover.


Tips for wearing the tiara
• Tiara can complement long hair as well as short hair, so do not hesitate to flaunt the beauty of a tiara in either way.

• Keep it in mind that tiara is not only for the royals or for the wedding bride but anyone can flaunt the sparkle of this chic to dazzle on their special event.

• If you have a simple hairdo for any special occasion, a tiara can boost your appearance in the most dramatic way.

Treat yourself or gift your loved one on this Easter with a stunning piece of tiara to reveal the celebrity look within you. Have a blessed Easter.