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A Spotlight On Fusion Jewelry

Fusion Jewelry

We broke the rules of classic jewelry and infused a brand new appeal. The fusion creation is all about coupling ethnic and contemporary components and patterns. This unique assortment endeavors to pair modern technology and traditional motifs. India was long ruled by Mughal Dynasty; a reign famous for its art, culture, poetry and not to forget, its rich taste in jewelry. Since the world has become a fusion in itself; a blend of language, customs, ideas, so why not amalgamate western know-how with ethnic beauty.

The ancient ornaments of Maharajas and Maharanis were truly an example of extraordinary craftsmanship and dedication. They stressed on statement pieces decked with opulent diamonds, rose cut beads, sapphires, pearls, and emeralds. Neha Lulla, a label in jewelry world, made her debut in International Jewelry Week, 2012 by her spectacular Tara Jauhar Collection, which is a mélange of indigenous and latest designs. Her couture jewelry creations spelled beauty and royalty in every bit. What sets apart this collection is the maximum use of gold that is utterly vibrant metal.

Interlaced with pure gold, our Fusion collection is not restricted to any style as such. A true portrait of Indian culture and heritage, we have bangles, bracelets, pendants, earrings, necklace and rings in fusion jewelry. Furnished with modern round cut diamonds, we have stylish motifs of peacock, flowers, leaf, hamsa, etc. Enough said about the beauty, let’s roll the eyes on some of the most demanded fusion pieces throughout the world.

Fusion Chandelier EarringsThis gorgeous pair of chandeliers is inspired from Mughal Harem. Numerous rings of gold and diamonds are falling like a nautical star.

Fusion Gold Diamond BangleYellow represents warmth in winters. This fusion bangle has earned devotees of women; especially the ones who love to wear jewelry that reflects their individuality.
This year, go a little out of the leak and make a memorable addition to your jewelry box.


Pleasure of accessorizing oneself with bangles

Meticulous sound of clanging bangles draws our attention even from the farthest corner of the room. Yes, these wonderful ornaments that have been endured and loved for centuries are among some of the most treasured jewelry items of all times. No matter what’s the fashion trend or even the occasion to get prepared for, bangles are an obvious piece of jewelry that every woman likes to bear, so to enhance the beauty and poise of their wrists.

Now, let’s get a glimpse of what categories of bangles are there, to be chosen from. There are multifarious varieties that you can add to your collection, but it may be difficult to get them all from the same place (in terms of places, countries, etc but you may get them all from a global retailer of such goods) as different people prefer wearing divergent categories of bangles in the various parts of the world. Or interestingly you may only get a certain category of bangles as they are the ones that are in fashion for that period!

Cuff Bangles are mostly broad in their architecture, and are the ones that you can pair up with either with casual or traditional wear. You can don them on your hands even if you are wearing denim, and it would go (though a suitable one has been selected for that specific dress) with a dazzling ethnic attire of yours. Accentuated with gold, silver, brass and such other metals, the cuff bangles are also usually given a metallic look instead of an over shiny finish as it may diminish their splendor.

Cuff Bangles

Sleek bangles are the ones that we all mostly see in our everyday lives. You may have seen them being worn by your mothers, grandmothers or aunts and some of the antiques (especially of gold and silver) they may love to cherish for a lifetime. Bejeweled with exquisite gemstones for e.g. blue sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and such other gems, sleek bangles are also molded and textured with intricate patterns, which make them all the more appealing and magnificent.

Sleek Bangles

There come some classy assortments like gemstone bangles, Victorian bangles and pave bangles. Etched with rose-cut gemstones or solitaires, these are bangles that are crafted with great endeavor and are the finest of all categories. Specially created for occasions that enrich one’s life, these are jewels that women love to showcase the most.