Our Pick For Christmas: Angel Wing Jewelry

Angel Wing Diamond Jewelry

In every heart, an angel awaits. We all need a patron to share the load we are bearing and also to be showered with love, kindness, and care. This Christmas we pick angel diamond jewelry as the best piece to adorn because we all desire some extra spiritual assistance and guidance. After all, Christmas is to exhibit the flame of joy, peace, and extravaganza charm.

Angels are perhaps the messengers of god who serve the human beings on earth and carry out the tasks assigned by god. They have been rescuing people from perilous situations since ages. They watch over the people and fulfill their good thoughts and desires. Whenever you feel grim and deserted, these mediators of god pull you out from grief. Invite them, pray from all your heart, and you will certainly feel their presence. Similarly, winged accessories give a feeling of solace and warmth to the wearer.

Since history, angel wings have been donned as a token of stability and affection. However, their meaning varies according to the purpose of wearing. You could don an angel wing diamond pendant festooned with pave diamonds to show your belief and divinity towards Jesus. If there is someone who has always stood by your side, angel wing macramé bracelet could be a striking gift symbolic of your respect and gratitude. For the pretty ladies out there who make your heart flutter, a winged heart necklace is perfect to propose. Guardian angel jewelry crafted in sterling silver and embellished with ruby gemstones is enough to brighten up your Christmas.

You don’t require light to look angelic. If you wish to pump up your personality, try these lovely angel wing pieces and feel good about yourself.


5 Reasons Why Vintage Jewelry Is the Best Christmas Gift

On every anniversary, birthday or festival, it is the same story. Finding the perfect gift is next to impossible. Fortunately, vintage jewelry works for every woman and will surely earn you those sugar points you have been looking for. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, vintage pieces are her best sister. Find out how:

Distinctive Features

Retro pieces are exclusive and startling. When vintage jewelry is worn with a contemporary ensemble, it creates a bold and unique fashion statement. Just imagine a multi-strand pendant donned with a vibrant cardigan. The wearer will certainly receive countless praises for her remarkable fashion sense.

Cameo Ring

Cameo Diamond Ring

Classic Appeal

Plenty of vintage and traditional pieces have gorgeous carvings of wildlife, angels, flowers and bugs. Those who have a soft corner for animals would love the flora and fauna pieces. Such as, dragon flies represent high ambitions and owl symbolizes intelligence and witty nature. Enclose a pleasant note, and you’re ready to create a lasting impression.

Rose Cut Diamond Bangle

Rose Cut Diamond Bangle

Outstanding Elements

Conventional and antique accessories can be created from interesting materials. For instance, Bakelite, enamel, kundan-meena, and rose cut diamonds. If your lady prefers colorful combinations, then cloisonné is the technique made just for you. It decorates metals, gemstones and glass with bright enamel paint. These vintage items are pleasant to adorn.

Enamel Pendant

Enamel Diamond Pendant

Cost Effective

If you don’t wish to spill your pockets and spend lavishly, traditional ornaments are certainly the best to pick. Rings, bracelets, etc. festooned with Victorian and antique rose cut diamonds can be purchased for well below prices.

Adaptable Design

Every vintage jewel carries a thoughtful story in itself. Moreover, they can be customized easily according to the demands of the wearer. For example, bold cocktail rings can be garnished with gemstone of your choice.

With so many perks, vintage jewelry tops the list of best Christmas gifts. Nothing will make her day better than a classic piece. Happy Shopping!

Significance of December Birthstone- Turquoise

December Birthstone-Turquoise

Amidst the various Navratna symbolizing the nine planets since ages, there has been mixed perceptions of people on gemstones. However, if we go by gemology, these semi-precious stones draw certain energy from their respective planets and channelize it into the wearer’s body. Just as medicines remove a particular deficiency, gemstones remove deficiencies in human faith and destiny thereby inducing good luck and positivity. Turquoise, commonly known as firoza, has been used to make protective amulets since history.

Carrying multiple zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Capricorn, December born people are ruled by the planet Jupiter.  These Christmas babies are loyal, generous and highly ambitious. With will power and perseverance, December souls have the potential to produce amusing novels and books (credits to their good sense of humor). Popular for their concentration and photographic memory, their curiosities sometimes make them impatient and hasty. Babies born in this chilly month often suffer from throat, lungs and skin disorders.

Turquoise gemstone gained eccentric popularity due to Bollywood actor Salman Khan who adorns turquoise bracelet as a lucky charm. When placed on the throat chakra (pendant), turquoise helps in conquering barriers and obstacles. It brings peace, clarity and reduces the chance of panic attacks.  Bestowed in beautiful jewelry such as rings, bracelet and necklace, turquoise removes depression and facilitates overall growth.

Regarded as the most opaque gemstone, turquoise is available in different shades of blue, aqua and green color. Turquoise is widely used in bead necklaces across the globe. Combining the spirits of blue sky and green land, this gemstone makes the surroundings happy and cheerful. No matter which turquoise jewelry you choose for yourself, it will bring happiness in big packets. Happy Birthday Sagittarians!

Top Jewelry Gifts For Thanksgiving

Even though Thanksgiving is not a common holiday like Valentines, Christmas or Good Friday to give gifts, but if you are invited at lunch by your friends, then we are pretty sure you don’t want to show up empty handed.  Along with those yummy fresh cookies, surprise your beloved host with a sparking jewel that can be cherished for years.

From gorgeous and simple bangles to the mesmerizing art of cameos, here is a terrific list of designer handmade jewelry items that are stylish, well-made and affordable.

Diamond Ruby Mash Bangle

Diamond Mash Bangle

Cute and comfortable, this mash bangle has a marvelous adornment of diamond and ruby placed at its heart. Keep it in a colorful jewelry case, tie with a pretty bow and give it to your hostess. Add a thank you hangtag and your gift is ready to leave a lasting impression on everyone’s mind.

Stunning Turquoise Hook Earrings

Turquoise Earrings

Perhaps the most desired and standard gift for a woman are ear trinkets. The rare turquoise gemstones add a contemporary touch. These delightful pieces will swing in rhythm with every movement of her face. Easy to wear, these hook earrings can accentuate earlobes on thanksgiving and many parties to come.

Yellow Gold Hamsa Pendant

Gold Hamsa Pendant

It is believed that hamsa brings prosperity and good fortune to its wearer. If your host is a fan of antique and religious items, this pendant festooned in 18k gold and colorful enamels, is the right pick for you. It would perfectly reflect your warm wishes and concern towards them.

Classic Cameo Ring

Cameo ring

For a host that has everything, a cameo ring with beautiful carvings of doll, cupid, Jesus or flower, is the perfect gift to bring. Decorated with lustrous gemstones, this ring will amaze all your friends. Wrap it with silk flowers, and you are good to go!!

Needless to say, jewelry always gives a personal touch. We hope that this guide will assist you in picking the perfect present for your host this year.

Indian Cinema And Jewelry

For Indians, there’s God, then film stars, and then cricketers.

Indian Cinema, especially Bollywood, is a cluster of imagination, thrill, love and emotions. A perfect synonym of Indian vibrancy and culture, it sets the heart to dance and joy. With a number of film makers working day and night to deliver the best screen experience, these incredible films control our dressing sense, eating habits, dialogues, and way of accessorizing. Let’s see how jewelry styles go hand in hand with Bollywood:-

The Charm Of Royal Jewelry From Silent Era

Suraiya Jamaal and Waheeda Rehman

Suraiya Jamaal and Waheeda Rehman

Raja Harishchandra was the first silent movie made in 1913 by Dada Saheb Phalke. The release of this motion picture witnessed a flood of directors joining the league of film making. In 1931, Alam Ara, the first sound movie, enabled the actors to speak, cry, sing or even shout. Large diamond neckpieces, headpieces, and chandeliers coupled with colorful gemstones ruled this era because a majority of movies were based on mythology and royal traditions.

The Melodrama Of Golden Ornaments From 1960s – 1990s

Madhubala- Mughal-e-Azam and Madhuri Dixit- Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

Madhubala- Mughal-e-Azam and Madhuri Dixit- Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

This phase saw a paradigm shift from classic movies like Mother India and Mughal-E-Azam with grand sets and big budget to total entertainers like Sholay and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Not to forget, the first Superstar, Rajesh Khanna belonged to this glorious era. Heavy slave bracelets and maang-tika, encrusted in pure gold and Kundan-Meena, were on the priority of designers in this period of Dream girl.

Avant Garde Movies: The Classic Saga Of Simple But Subtle Jewelry

Pareneeti Chopra- Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

Pareneeti Chopra- Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl

This stage subdued the demand of young generation with thrill, comedy, horror, drama, and action. It saw huge transformation in production, equipments, shooting locations and genre of music. Blockbuster films like 3 Idiots, Rock On and Krrish presented a new avatar of Bollywood. With minimal accessorizing, celebs prefer to wear small pendants, studs or macramé bracelets which look subtle yet stylish.

With the increase in glamour, cars, stunts and cast in every film, India Cinema has reckoned its name globally by going grand like never before. So this time when you step into a designer jewelry store, demand the latest celeb inspired piece and become a style diva.

Love And Loss

Dear Jim,

Do you know how it feels to look up in the wintry sky and not see the stars? Do you know how it feels when you can see the birds chirping but can’t hear the sound? Do you know how it feels when the only light in your life has been doused, and you’re left alone in this self-centered, ferocious world? Do you have any idea what it is like when the only person you love and admired all your life has gone far away, when the heart outcries their name every second but never gets a reply. How would you know, because you never lived to see a single day without me?

lonely wife

It’s been 100 days since….but every single corner of this house spells your presence like breath. There has been a flood of calls, messages and posts of condolences from everyone, but nothing makes a difference. People often bother how I am doing and tell me to be strong, I tell myself the same thing every time but all I am left with is a hole that never gets filled up in your absence.

loving memories

Like every year, you must have forgotten this extraordinary date. Baby, it’s the veteran’s day, our anniversary. Three years back it was the same day when you proposed me at the Lebanon junction, and I surrendered to your heart-touching romantic notions that I had been listening since childhood. Soon after our marriage, you left for Iraq and it seemed I blacked out for day in and day out. The lifetime extension of this came a few days later with your coffin. This angel wing pendant was the last token of love from your side. Today, as I hold it close to my heart and wipe a tear, I wish to be an angel and have wings that can fly me into your arms, to give you a warm hug and melt in your sugared kiss.

angel wing pendant

Having this treasure of the moments we spent together means everything to me. With friends, family and God’s will, I may come out of the grief soon. But until that stage comes, I will keep sending my passionate love and warmth to heaven.

In your loving memories


November Birthstone Citrine- A Symbol Of Success

citrine gemstone

Popular as ratnas in ancient India, gemstones are combination of adornment and personal expression. Their myths, legends, folklores, properties and colors make them appealing and desirable. From corals and pearls in the seas to bright pebbles picked from searing mines, we let ourselves be known through beautiful gemstones. The most affordable of all the earth toned gemstones, Citrine, is treasured as a gift from the sun. It bestows an aura of positive radiance on the November born people.

The intense sun sign Scorpio and planet Pluto governs the month of November. November babies are unique, private, high-spirited and carry a dynamic personality. They are less talkative but quite amiable. However, these generous souls often experience drama and despair in the course of their life. Being manipulative and dominant, scorpions have a knack of getting things done their way.

Throughout the civilizations, gemstones have been adorned as amulets to bring exuberance and joy. Often referred to as a success or merchant stone, Citrine has a strong ability to bring wealth and expel negative energy. It stimulates the intuitive power and promotes stamina. Physically, it is said to relieve allergies, indigestion, poor blood circulation and cures life threatening diseases. Its crystal therapy helps to overcome depression, but even if you feel a bit low, citrine jewelry will lift up your mood.

Available in all lemony shades- from yellow to orange brown, citrine can illuminate any jewelry. Due to its excellent transparency and dispersion power, citrine is manifested at the heart of rings, pendants and necklaces. Order one for yourself, and revitalize your soul each day.