8 Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Christmas

Jingle all the way! With the onset of Christmas, world’s most awaited season, everyone hymns jingles and smiles along. Whether it’s waiting for the Santa or leaving the stockings out of the window, we have indulged in the little joyful traditions since a week. While lighting up your Xmas tree, have you ever wondered about the deeper side of this festival?

Here are some unknown facts about Christmas that you must read and proudly share on that special feast.

1. Several dates were proposed for Christmas: January 2, March 21, March 25, April 18 and November 20 but December 25 was finalized by the Western Christians majority.

Christmas calendar

2. Santa Claus is known by different names across the globe: Le Befana in Italy, Pere Noel in Belgium, Jultomten (Christmas Brownie) in Sweden, and Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost) in Russia.

Santa Claus

3. Many Astronomers think that the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the wise men to Lord Jesus, was probably a comet or the planet Uranus.

Star of Bethlehem

4. When Gemini 6 astronauts- Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra sang ‘Jingle Bells’ in 1965, it became the first song to be broadcasted from space.

Tom Stafford and Wally Schirra

5. The tradition of kissing under Mistletoe hails from England. People were required to pluck a berry from the sprig of Mistletoe before kissing but when all the berries are gone, there could be no more kissing.

Mistletoe Kiss

6. In the Czech Republic, people enjoy the cuisines of fish, egg and soup. Also, the number of people at dining table should be even, or the one without a companion might die next year.

Czech Republic

7. There are 13 Santa in Iceland, and each leaves a present for the kids. They come down from the hill one after the other, starting from December12 and have names like Door Sniffer, Spoon Licker and Meat Hook.

13 Santas of Iceland

8. Norway gifts a Christmas tree to England every year as a symbol of thanks for their support during World War II.

Norwegian Christmas Tree

After reading such interesting facts, we’re pretty sure you are even more excited for Christmas.


Love And Loss

Dear Jim,

Do you know how it feels to look up in the wintry sky and not see the stars? Do you know how it feels when you can see the birds chirping but can’t hear the sound? Do you know how it feels when the only light in your life has been doused, and you’re left alone in this self-centered, ferocious world? Do you have any idea what it is like when the only person you love and admired all your life has gone far away, when the heart outcries their name every second but never gets a reply. How would you know, because you never lived to see a single day without me?

lonely wife

It’s been 100 days since….but every single corner of this house spells your presence like breath. There has been a flood of calls, messages and posts of condolences from everyone, but nothing makes a difference. People often bother how I am doing and tell me to be strong, I tell myself the same thing every time but all I am left with is a hole that never gets filled up in your absence.

loving memories

Like every year, you must have forgotten this extraordinary date. Baby, it’s the veteran’s day, our anniversary. Three years back it was the same day when you proposed me at the Lebanon junction, and I surrendered to your heart-touching romantic notions that I had been listening since childhood. Soon after our marriage, you left for Iraq and it seemed I blacked out for day in and day out. The lifetime extension of this came a few days later with your coffin. This angel wing pendant was the last token of love from your side. Today, as I hold it close to my heart and wipe a tear, I wish to be an angel and have wings that can fly me into your arms, to give you a warm hug and melt in your sugared kiss.

angel wing pendant

Having this treasure of the moments we spent together means everything to me. With friends, family and God’s will, I may come out of the grief soon. But until that stage comes, I will keep sending my passionate love and warmth to heaven.

In your loving memories


Interesting Historical Facts About Halloween

Halloween- A festival of candies, costumes, pumpkins, haunted houses, bonfires, trick or treat games, ghosts, fairies and lot more. But very few people know that where did Halloween come from? Why do we celebrate it? Let’s brush up our basic facts a bit.

Halloween is the name for ‘All Hallows Eve’ celebrated every year on the night of October 31. The history of this fun frolic occasion dates back to 1600 A.D. when a Celtic festival, Samhain, was celebrated in UK, Ireland and France to mark the end of the harvest season. The pagans took the stock of crop supplies and prepared them for winter. It was believed that on the midnight of October 31, the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead blurred, and thus the ghost of the deceased came back on earth to create havoc and destruction.

Celtic FestivalTrick-or-Treat
Trick-or-Treat was a tradition in ancient times when people kept bowls of food outside their boundary walls. They believed that food items would keep the wandering spirits on earth from entering their homes. It was often referred to as Beggars night. Even today, children visit every house in their neighborhood and ask for treat (cakes, pastries, candies). The trick, usually, refers to a mischief if treat is denied.

Trick or TreatMasks and Costumes
For the origins of costumes, it is said that October was a cold month for European and Celtic people. Thus, before stepping out, they donned masks and dark costumes to imitate scary beings and make sure that monsters don’t recognize them.

The Jack-o-Lanterns have their tale back thousands of years when a boy named Jack fooled a devil and then freed him away with a promise that devil would not disturb him for next ten years. When Jack died, he was denied the entry to heaven, and the devil sent Jack to find his hell with a coal to light up his way. Jack kept that burning coal in a turnip (a carved pumpkin) and began wandering on the earth. Since then, Jack of the lantern or Jack-o’-Lantern has been a popular character of Halloween.

With the passage of time, this occasion became popular in other nations and much of its spookiness was replaced with a sense of amusement and recreation. Today, it is joyfully celebrated in the western parts of the globe covering Japan, Ireland, Austria, China, Germany, Canada and Latin America.

Two Most Epic Stories Symbolizing Student-Teacher Relationship

Teachers don’t just teach subjects, they shape lives. They plant seeds of knowledge and ignite the fire of hope and imagination that grows forever. Since the bygone era, teachers have been known as friend, guru, master, philosopher and guide.

We bring you two most iconic stories from east as well as west that spell the significance of teacher and student relationship.

East- Eklavya and Dronacharya

Eklavya, the son of a tribal leader, lived in the forests of Hastinapura. He wanted to be an archer and decided to become a disciple of Dronacharya, the great tutor of archery. But Drona refused saying that he being a Brahmin cannot teach a shudra boy. Eklavya was deeply hurt. He made a statue of Guru Drona in the forest and started practicing archery. Time flew and one day Drona saw him practicing. The sage was stunned by his art. And then, Drona demanded Eklavya’s right thumb as gurudakshina. Eklavya happily gave him the thump and despite being handicap, continued to practice archery.

Eklavya is still praised as the most loyal and brave student of the epic Mahabharata.

Eklavya and Dronacharya

West- Mentor and Odysseus

This story comes from great author, Homer. The king of Ithaca, Odeysseus, went to fight in the Trojan War and entrusted the care of his household to Mentor, who served as guide and teacher of Odysseus’s son, Telemachus. Mentor was half-god and half-man, half-male and half-female. Few years later, father and son were reunited and together they captured Odysseus’s throne. So, the word mentor became synonymous with trusted advisor, friend, teacher and wise person.

Telemachus and Mentor

These stories tell us that a teacher is beyond all in every hemisphere, be it east or west. Teachers have been the path leaders and visionaries. You can pay anyone, but you can never repay debt to your teacher. This teacher’s day, plan a wonderful gift for your teacher that can help in expressing your heartfelt gratitude to them.