Modern Valentines Jewelry

All the friends, boyfriends and husbands out there, Valentine’s Day is round the corner. If you’ve still not chosen a gift for your sweetheart, don’t fret because here’s a perfect guide for the love jewelry; set with diamonds. “I have enough jewelry,” said no girl ever. So this Valentine, say ‘I Love You’ with something sparkling, solitary and romantic. Our ultimate modern fine diamond trinkets will make her fall in love with you over and again.

Love Bands

Love Bands

Ring bands have been worn since history on the ‘Vein of Love’, as a symbol of unconditional and immortal affection. Love band is a gorgeous pair of rings that is adorned by each partner as a symbol of commitment. No matter if she’s simple or ornate; a sleek band festooned with pave diamonds will make it easy to approach her. The optimum clarity and carat weight carried by a band ring will surely make your proposal a perfect and memorable one.

Charms and Heart pendants

Heart Pendants

Nothing can go as romantic as special heart jewelry, specifically, a heart pendant. It beautifully says ‘two hearts, one love.’ If it’s your first Valentine together or you have been dating for years, diamond studded heart pendant is a sure shot way to win her heart. You may pick a single, double or open heart pendant depending upon her taste and style in jewelry.


Charm bracelets will express your love and concern towards her. Diamonds charm in heart, feather, cupid, lock, flower, alphabet, and key shape will woo her like never before.  The stunning beauty of these little love charms can impart a sensuous and bold look to any wrist.

Love is in the air! With these romantic jewelry pieces, you can let your emotions be told in a creative and unique way. We bet, this time you won’t go wrong.


Our Pick For Christmas: Angel Wing Jewelry

Angel Wing Diamond Jewelry

In every heart, an angel awaits. We all need a patron to share the load we are bearing and also to be showered with love, kindness, and care. This Christmas we pick angel diamond jewelry as the best piece to adorn because we all desire some extra spiritual assistance and guidance. After all, Christmas is to exhibit the flame of joy, peace, and extravaganza charm.

Angels are perhaps the messengers of god who serve the human beings on earth and carry out the tasks assigned by god. They have been rescuing people from perilous situations since ages. They watch over the people and fulfill their good thoughts and desires. Whenever you feel grim and deserted, these mediators of god pull you out from grief. Invite them, pray from all your heart, and you will certainly feel their presence. Similarly, winged accessories give a feeling of solace and warmth to the wearer.

Since history, angel wings have been donned as a token of stability and affection. However, their meaning varies according to the purpose of wearing. You could don an angel wing diamond pendant festooned with pave diamonds to show your belief and divinity towards Jesus. If there is someone who has always stood by your side, angel wing macramé bracelet could be a striking gift symbolic of your respect and gratitude. For the pretty ladies out there who make your heart flutter, a winged heart necklace is perfect to propose. Guardian angel jewelry crafted in sterling silver and embellished with ruby gemstones is enough to brighten up your Christmas.

You don’t require light to look angelic. If you wish to pump up your personality, try these lovely angel wing pieces and feel good about yourself.

5 Must Have Jewelry Items For Halloween

A good Halloween costume is incomplete without an ideal Halloween accessory. To multiply the spookiness of your outfit and give yourself a trendy yet frightening look, specific jewelry symbolizing the spirit of Halloween theme must be adorned. These fun accessories come in all range and types ranging from skull, bats and snakes to designer brooms and skeletons. When ghosts and goblins come out of their graves, you must be prepared with the best pieces to imitate them in a classic way:

If you are not too scared, check out these jewelry items that are a must for a Halloween night full of mystery: –

Designer Charm Pendants
The skull and bat pendants carrying a spine-chilling look can be the best way to stylize with any gothic or witch costume. Embellished with pave diamonds, these charm pendants will impart you a scary look instantly. Available in hues of diamonds, sapphires and tsavorites, they compliment any ensemble.

Charm PendantDiamond Spider Ring
Cast a spell with a spider of your own! Halloween jewelry cannot get much better than this daunting spider ring that carries a terrific grace in itself. Since spiders are a symbol of mystery, power and growth, this ring could be sported even after Halloween. The gleaming diamonds, further add a touch of sparkle!

Spider Ring

 Macramé Owl Necklace
Not all owls are frightening and creepy as this owl necklace proves! An owl shaped neck piece entwined in soft macramé thread, and lustrous silver can not only give you protection against the evil spirits but also glam your rocker looks for the Halloween theme. 

Macrame Owl Necklace

 Skeleton Earrings
Give yourself a spooky touch with these haunted earrings. These scary baubles graced with unique setting of pave diamonds would be a great stand alone with your fearsome costume. The whimsical skeleton will surely spell that magical charm around you. BOO… Too much of bones!!

Skeleton Earrings

Serpent Bangle
If you are a fan of horror-stuck animals and would love to wear them around your wrist, this snaky bangle is made just for you. Since snakes are the most frightening of all fauna, this stylish bangle topped with diamonds will spice up your dress this year.

Serpent Bangle

 Now, you have a healthy dose of all the creepy jewelry pieces that can be paired with your attire. So this Halloween, buy one and wear something different.


Diamond Ear cuffs: Most adorable accessory of year 2013

You must have tried much of designer jewelry but have you tried the new trending ear cuff? This flashy accessory is modern and perfect for classy chic. Ear cuff has crashed the usual classic reign and structured the old and new.  At first glance, they seem to be like that the 90s ear jewelry has resurfaced.

Diamond encrusted funky cuffs arrest entire ear or cascades along the natural shape of the ear. Wear the cuff either in left ear only and pair it with pave diamond stud in the right or diamond and colored stone concoction in both.Just in case the sparkling curls over the cartilage appears too dramatic then pick a pair that has got designer cuff along with stud to reduce too much of hassle around your balancing organ for edgy yet elegant look to your face cut.

Designers have given international exposure to them. Fresh cuts and patterns gained the momentum for this rather unique concept in 2013. The designer jewelry collection at Gemco Designs sport trendy sexy pieces jeweled ear cuff in 18k gold and silver. They are bejeweled with other gemstones, such as ruby, blue sapphire, romantic black and blue diamonds. The creations are extended to wild, angel, geometric or traditional inspiration to grab the attention for the wearer.

You can get soaked in fashion choosing to glam-up your ears. Rock the ear cuff in geometric design with gemstones adding lot of bling to it completes the glam look. It is cool diamond jewelry that is not just like another regular earring to don in college fresher party.

You can try a pave diamond serpent cuff wrap around the ear at an evening out.It adds the sparkle to the gloominess of the hour and looks very elegant.

Join the Frenzy cuff club! It’s for everyone who dares to be bold.

Steal the thunder, with these bold Ear-Cuffs

e cuffs“Fashion changes but style endures”

The trends keep changing clothing’s, shoes, makeup or jewelry be it any field, and the industries keep experimenting and introducing new vogue to the women. One such wave of change came in accessorizing ears, the ranging patterns and designs of ear jewelry gave an idea of ear cuffs. Ear Cuffs are a statement jewelry piece in itself; they cover up the whole ear wing starting from the helix to the lobe. Various designs and patterns are being introduced and are being keenly opted and sported by women.

We at Gemco are continuously in the rage of making new and innovative jewelries so that we can cater to all kind of needs of the people. This article provides detailed information on ear cuffs and how we are working to produce the best of designer jewelry for you.

Ear Jewelry-

Ear Jewelry has been a vital part in ornamenting oneself, various conformations of the articles have been developed like studs, danglers, chandeliers, drops, tassels and ear cuffs. The jewelry speaks the mood of the bearer; this is true and has its meaning. The hoop rings are generally favorite picks of teenagers; the studs personify the calm and subtle mood of a lady. The tassel earring swings with the rhythm and makes the lady the life of party. The ear wraps decode the funky and the outgoing persona of the woman who loves to sport this bold and exotic statement jewelry.

Ear Cuff or Ear Wraps-

Ear cuffs aka Ear wraps are being incarnated as statement jewelry and the designers are trying their level best to produce some of intricately fabricated jewelry. The jewelry is made up of silver and is embellished and loaded with tiny diamonds which enhances the beauty and extravagancy of the jewelry.

The cuffs or the wraps are adorned with melee diamonds, diamonds which are lesser than .18 carats. These wraps are casted with a meticulous design, floored with bling stones, polished and then graced with gold push pins. The huge studded jewelry balances up the look as the one wrap embellishes one ear and the other ear is complemented with an embellished stud.

These wraps are a huge hit among the crowd they are chic and funky, so what’s your next event to sport them on?

Pave Diamond Jewelry

Pave Diamond JewelryClear and glossy, this is how jewelry   is at its best. Tiny sparkling diamonds are set over entire surface of jewelry as if the entire jewelry is created out of huge diamond. No part of metal beneath is visible;    therefore   the entire jewel piece shines out with diamonds beauty.

Such Jewelry Collection creates classic glamour of black and white with diamonds set on sterling silver or gold. This handmade jewelry have been very popular since couple of decades as rings, earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces or jewelry components like charms and beads into various forms of designer or contemporary  aesthetics. Though it became very usual entity in popular slot of jewelry, but experiments in shape and contour gave high hopes to the jewelry makers to explore more out of pave set diamond jewelry.

This class of designer jewelry has been able to sustain its existence in market due to ability to mound itself into rough or delicate look. Moreover, colors can be tried on by replacing diamond with ruby, sapphire, emerald, tsavorite, color diamond or more economical options of garnet, aquamarine, amethyst and many more.

Hence, it will not be contradictory to say that pave diamond jewelry has pushed this class of accessory or luxury product to higher dimensions that are more pleasing and dynamic in the world of fashion.