Unknown Facts About Valentine’s Day

While many of us are busy surfing the various online stations to find an ornate gift, pause for a few minutes and wonder why the damn are we jubilating? Is it only about exchanging gifts for a couple of days or the road less traveled? The committed baubles very often think about the deeper side of this festival. Probably because they’re too busy for that! And the singles are engaged in the Singles Appreciation Day fuss. Here’s a chance to uncover certain facts and amaze your partner with this extra dope.

  1. This love-filled day originated in Rome when Emperor Claudius II prohibited the marriages of soldiers during wartime. St. Valentine arranged secret weddings and was jailed for his efforts. He wrote a letter to the Jailor’s daughter with a signature, ‘from your Valentine’.
    Saint Valentine

  2. White Day is celebrated on 14th March as an answer to Valentine’s Day. Men pay back to their partners by giving them three times expensive gift of what they received.
    White Day

  3. Men spend almost twice as much as women. While an average man spends around $150, women keep it confined to $80.
    Money spent on Valentine's Day

  4. More than half of all the Valentine’s gifts are purchased a week prior to the holiday.
    Valentine's Day Gifts

  5. Parents receive only 1 out of every 5 valentine’s while teachers grab the maximum gifts.
    Teacher's gifts

  6. Only 3% of people give Valentine gifts to their pets. You could increase the number!
    GIfts for Pets

  7. Famous Valentine’s weddings are The Captain and Tennille, Jerry Garcia and Deborah Koons, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, Elton John and Renate Blauel, and Meg Ryan and Dennis.
    The Captain and Tennille

  8. If you are single, don’t fret; celebrate Singles Awareness Day (SAD) instead. Travel around and rejoice your single status.
    Single Awareness Day


Love And Loss

Dear Jim,

Do you know how it feels to look up in the wintry sky and not see the stars? Do you know how it feels when you can see the birds chirping but can’t hear the sound? Do you know how it feels when the only light in your life has been doused, and you’re left alone in this self-centered, ferocious world? Do you have any idea what it is like when the only person you love and admired all your life has gone far away, when the heart outcries their name every second but never gets a reply. How would you know, because you never lived to see a single day without me?

lonely wife

It’s been 100 days since….but every single corner of this house spells your presence like breath. There has been a flood of calls, messages and posts of condolences from everyone, but nothing makes a difference. People often bother how I am doing and tell me to be strong, I tell myself the same thing every time but all I am left with is a hole that never gets filled up in your absence.

loving memories

Like every year, you must have forgotten this extraordinary date. Baby, it’s the veteran’s day, our anniversary. Three years back it was the same day when you proposed me at the Lebanon junction, and I surrendered to your heart-touching romantic notions that I had been listening since childhood. Soon after our marriage, you left for Iraq and it seemed I blacked out for day in and day out. The lifetime extension of this came a few days later with your coffin. This angel wing pendant was the last token of love from your side. Today, as I hold it close to my heart and wipe a tear, I wish to be an angel and have wings that can fly me into your arms, to give you a warm hug and melt in your sugared kiss.

angel wing pendant

Having this treasure of the moments we spent together means everything to me. With friends, family and God’s will, I may come out of the grief soon. But until that stage comes, I will keep sending my passionate love and warmth to heaven.

In your loving memories


A Cheers To Life With All My Heart…

That withered bench in the park was full of dust and chapped leaves. The old tree above it never kept the bench empty. Frowned and agitated, as I sat on it, pleasant memories of past rolled like a slide show. The memoirs of happy childhood, a carefree youth and then responsible parental age were the three major milestones of my journey beyond which I suddenly lost my sense of direction. All of a sudden everything went blurred as I began to grow old. The world kept dragging me down in later years. And now I am too old to take care of my own self.

Old Lady

The helplessness of old age seemed taking a toll over me as I sat there, watching the world move on at its pace. The pitiful eyes of by-passers were enough to ruin my day, each time reminding me of how swiftly I was stepping towards my end. And that day, as I was lost in my deepest thoughts, a little boy came and sat beside me. I was displeased because solitude was all I was looking for.

“Look what I have”, he said joyfully, in his delicate hand, was a beautiful opal ring. The shimmering work of art in that ring was paying tribute to the golden yesteryears. The filigree of diamonds beckoned of a renaissance, a shift from joint village gatherings to materialistic lives. The gleaming opals studded in it were changing color at every angle and those colorful rays reflected by them evoked something inside me; yes it was my heart, calling for an action. After so many years if this ring can look so graceful and behold its charm, why can’t I? If this non living thing can radiate colors in the world, even I can!

Opal Ring

And the ring inspired me to live like there is no tomorrow and to enjoy present to the fullest.

“Isn’t it pretty?” he said and pulled me out of thoughts. “Just what I need”, I said, gently touching his head and blessing him with all my heart. I realized my voice was shivering, and tears ran down my wrinkled cheeks as I appreciated him for meeting me. He gave a heavenly smile and ran off to his friends, unaware of the impact he had on me.

And in all these years, I breathed peacefully and vowed to live every second of life. The roads back to home seemed shorter that day and the passers, Ah! Who cares?

Of Course!! I Don’t Miss You

Dear William

Picked up the pen after a long time, overloaded with work as usual you see.

I am fine. My life is beautiful as usual. I know why you wrote the last letter. Trust me; you need not have worried so much about me because I am absolutely fine. I am not like other girls; I don’t cry myself to sleep, I don’t surrender myself to sleeping pills, I don’t put up a false face that kills one from inside and yes, most importantly, I don’t miss you. Not at all!!

This morning when the sun touched my face with its light and the birds said a sweet good morning, I was busy searching something in my closet. Yes, it was the ring.

Lonely Girl

On our second love anniversary, it was a splendid gift from you. The gorgeous diamond studded in this remind me of those precious moments we spent together. The modish charm and radiance sends me back to those lovely years when you brought love in my life. And the Victorian touch in its grace gives me a strong power to live and laugh without you beside me.

This ring has held me for years. And when I put it in my finger, with the softest breeze blowing I feel as if my hand is in yours and our fingers are perfectly crossed. I can easily wait for a few more months for you to come back again from hostel.

Diamond Ring

Till then, I have your love captured in this ring. I will cherish it all my life.

Yours Different Girl